Cory Fontyn
CEO of Black Ops Asphalt Inc.

Cory Fontyn is a USMC Veteran who has called San Diego his home for over 20 years. He began working in the paving industry as a teenager, literally from the bottom . . . Washing the vehicles on the weekends. His passion for the paving art form is evident by his high-quality work and attention to the smallest detail.

After working for many years in the industry and learning from talented mentors, he started his own paving company to serve the San Diego county area and provide good, honest, quality work at a fair price. Black Ops Asphalt is dedicated to this mission. Black Ops Asphalt has worked predominantly in the San Diego, California area. He has lent his expertise on various projects in Nevada and Colorado, traveling with larger teams from San Diego. He has many colleagues in the San Diego area that he lends his time to as well.

Cory spends the time to work together with the clients to understand their needs and provide a clear bid for every project. His personal mission is to meet promised deadlines and exceed expectations.

Everyone he brings onboard to the company brings with them a wealth of knowledge which in turn, inspires, motivates and encourages the rest of the team.


Our mission at Black Ops Asphalt is to create a path for smoother journeys  ​through integrity, professionalism, and customer consideration.


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